TipsTweak competition starts on May 1st. The main goal of competition is to make our tips better and show how our user make money. You can support tips you like.  You can vote against tips that you think are wrong. Leave comments to increase your chance to win in competition.

Monthly budget is $100.

Top 3 winners take:

1 place receives $50

2 place receives $30

3 место receives $20

What you need to do to take be one of winners:

1. You need to get calculated profit more than our tips have.

2. You need to support 30 tips (or more than 25% from all tips we have).

3. You need to Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down for 60% or more tips.

4. You profit is calculated using all tips your supported. Users who support more tips and make more comments have better chances to win. 


1. Month statistic contains tips on matches that start from 00:01 of first day of the month till 23:59 of last date of the month.

2. Supported tip is the tip that user Thumbed Up.

3.Disliked tips is the tip that user Thumbed Down.