Today is the first winter day!

The month of Novmber had ended and we announce TipsTweak competition results. There are participants that made profits.

Lets see Nomber results:

Our winners in November 2016 are:

1. Gatsby

2. Betssmol

3. Scorcher

Consolation prizes (free access to all tips for 30 days) go to:






It is very important to remember that Scrocher took 3rd place even though he had to get more a couple more tips support to reach 60% tips support coverage. However he liked more than 25% of our tips and got profitbale month.

Winner prizes are:

1. $50 + 30 day free access

2. $30 + 30 day free access

3. $20 + 30 day free access 

Good luck and profitable December!