First month of our competition on TipsTweak has come to an end and it is time to calculate our results.

The winner in this month is olexANDR.
According to competition rules:
1. You need to make more profit than we do.
2. You need to support more than 30 tips (or more than 25% of all competitions).
3. You need to vote for at least 60% of tips.
olexANDR gets his prize of  $50. Second and third place are not take this month since no other user had reached results better than we did.
However we decided to provide free access to all our tips to first 5 users that showed best results besided our winner.
The lucky ones are:
Free accounts for most active users we will decide next month according to your profits.
Our congratulations to our winner and lucky five! We want to remind you that next month competition had started on June 1st where any user can win money or free access to our tips.